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Benefits of an Annual Tune-Up  |  New Services!

Once a year you should have your heating system inspected and cleaned.
An annual tune up and cleaning will insure the safety of your home and family.

Preventative maintenance for your heating system is essential to insure your heating system will perform at its peak for the heating season and could prevent costly after hours call outs for service or no heat. Properly maintained heating systems works more efficiently which will save fuel, last longer and most importantly, operate safely within its operating guidelines. The easiest and most cost efficient way to maintain your heating system is having it tuned up and cleaned on an annual basis. Our goal is to prevent little issues from becoming huge headaches.

An annual tune up can more than pay for itself in fuel consumption alone.

The cost for an annual tune on an oil boiler or warm air furnace is approximately $135.00
The cost for an annual tune up on an oil fired hot water heater is $65.00

To schedule an annual tune, please give our office a call and we will schedule your service. Our service technician will arrive at your home with our fully stocked service vehicle at the scheduled time. Our technician will fully inspect your heating system from your oil tank to the smoke pipe and thoroughly clean the burner of your heating system.

Anode Rod

Have you had your anode rod replaced in your hot water heater?

Call today to find out how your anode rod keeps your drinking water clean and free of iron and other minerals as well as protects your plumbing fixtures from failure.

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PLEASE NOTE: Special deliveries, run out service or emergency oil burner service calls after hours are handled by our after-hours paging system, which you may reach at 802-483-9333. Calling in will ensure the fastest service