Anode Rod Replacement Service

Call today to find out how your anode rod keeps your drinking water clean and free of iron and other minerals as well as protects your plumbing fixtures from failure.

Over time, tiny cracks will develop in your water tank’s glass liner exposing the steel to corrosive elements. The anode rod is made up of a more reactive metal. When the tank is filled with water, an electrolytic process begins whereby the sacrificial rod is consumed to protect the exposed steel of the tank. As long as this more reactive material lasts, the steel will not rust. When it’s depleted, tank corrosion begins.

Timely replacement of the anode rod can as much as double your water heater’s life.

If your rod is nearing depletion, we can install a new rod to significantly increase the remaining life of your tank sparing you the heartache of a disastrous flood.

If your rod is completely depleted, tank corrosion has begun and you should plan on replacing your water heater before the tank ruptures.

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