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Fuel Delivery Options

Gecha Fuels Heatin Oil Delivery Truck"Will call" Oil Delivery

If you choose to remain flexible with your oil deliveries, you can order a specific amount of fuel oil at any time controlling both the amount of oil in your tank and your budget. When you call to order your fuel you will be quoted your price on fuel that day and you will receive your fuel thereafter. Customers that choose to use our "will call" option need to watch their fuel oil level in their tanks to insure that they do not run themselves out of fuel while giving us the time needed to deliver your fuel.

Gecha Fuels requires that you contact us with your fuel order when your fuel level is at 1/4 full, or more, so that we can schedule your delivery on the designated day for your area. We recommend calling us a week prior to when you will need your fuel. Special trips and run outs may be arranged with short notice if needed. Minimum delivery of 100 gallons is required although smaller orders may be arranged with adequate notice.

Automatic Delivery

When you choose automatic delivery, you leave all the thinking up to us. Our state of the art degree day computer system keeps track of the amount of fuel you burn for you, insuring that your tank will never go empty. When you leave the Gecha Fuels Team in control of your fuel deliveries, you can rest assured that you will never be left out in the cold. Customers that select the automatic delivery option will experience what worry-free home heating is really like. So sit back and relax while we monitor the efficiency of your oil burner and provide you with the warmth and service that you expect from your fuel oil dealer.

If you would like to rest easy in the warmth of your home and leave your worries of when you need to fuel to the professionals, please contact us today to set up your account.

Regardless of the accuracy of our computerized system, we can only account for your fuel oil burning system. Other heat sources within your home could possibly provide us with inaccurate data to schedule your deliveries. If you choose the automatic delivery method, please let us know of any changes in your alternative heating systems or additional heating requirements so that we can more accurately predict your fuel deliveries. Remember that we are only as accurate as the information provided to us and we strive to keep our customers as satisfied as possible. You will remain on the automatic delivery system until you notify us that you would like to change.


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